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Studied In Belgium: St Luc (Institute of Art)
4 years: Graphic Arts. & 3 years: Visual Communication .
In London:  ''L'Ange Fou'': The Theatre & International School of Corporeal Mime) 3 years : Directed by Steven Wasson & Corinne Soum: Diving deeply into the technique of Etienne Decroux & coming out the other side as an activist of Visual Arts in all forms & Spaces, one of the first members of Ha! Collective in Arena Design Center (living/working togethers)
Worked in graphics & advertising adgencies: Paris, Bruxelles, Lausannes as Graphic designer &  assistant A.D.
She has been invited to teach In Belgium, as Visual Communication Teacher.
She is working on her exibition In-tro-spec-tion
based on 10 years of her personnal work.


A born clown just like her father,
Lydie was advised by her secondary school teachers that she would never succeed at Anything.
But she had a keen interest in drawing and graphics, and decided to leave France at the age of 14, with the ambition of
becoming a photographer by enrolling in the St Luc Institute in Belgium.
During her first year of her studies, she realized that she had another passion: Mime. She composed sketches and performed before all sorts of audiences and at the age of fifteen caught the attention of Dany Boon (Mic-Mac a Tirelarigo), France’s celebrated comic mime, actor, director, who encouraged her to pursue her talent.
She stayed on at St Luc, studied graphic design for 7 years specializing in advertising and visual communications.
Lydie graduated in 2001 with ''Grande Distinction'' ( Valedictorian/Dux for 7 years) 
Working as a Designer, Graphic Designer, Junior Art Director & Art Director in advertising, graphic, packaging agencies in Paris,    Brussels & Lausanne,
Lydie dedicated all her free time to designing jewelry, costumes and inventing characters. She contributed to a number of artistic and cultural events in the Northern France, notably as an ambassador for culture during Lille’s European Capital of Culture in 2004.
Then, Lived/Worked/studied in London... THEN...

Brief description:
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