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    • mimethegap


      About me: Im an Australian Mime who know lives in England and now performs at Festivals, Cabaret & Theatres with my Comedy Mime & Magic show. My Theatre Company 'Mime The Gap' creates shows, te...Interests: physical comedy

      • Galiya


        About me: ...nd nominees of significant theatre prizes and awards, these three founders came together to create their own project with the aim of mixing drama, comedy, mime, dance and music.Brief description: Russian clowning, circus and physical comedy combine in an extraordinarily visual, and completely silent, show inspired by Greek mythology.


        • Billy Deylord

          Newsletter January 28

          ...rancois Teyssier. You can also view the latest connections: connections with a group and friendships. We also summarize the latest videos (Mironov Comedy "Bon Voyage"), photos (Person...

          • Billy Deylord

            Newsletter du 24 janvier

            ...te;siter à lui demander d'être de vos contacts. Vous allez également découvrir la dernière vidéo (Mironov Comedy "Bon Voyage"), photo (Peintur...