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    • Philippe Pillavoine


      Keystone (1914) : 2 février 1914 - Pour gagner sa vie (Making a Living) - Rôle : Dandy 7 février 1914 - Charlot est content de lui (Kid Auto Races at Venice) - Rôle : Vagabond 9 février 1914 - L'Étrange Aventure de Mabel (Mabel's Strange Predicament) - R&o...

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      • Philippe Pillavoine

        65 Films de Charlie Chaplin gratuits

        65 Free Charlie Chaplin Films Online A Day’s Pleasure – Free - “Chaplin’s fourth film for First National Films. It was created at the Chaplin Studio. It was a quickly made two-reeler to help fill a gap while working on his first feature The Kid. It is about a day outing ...

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