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  • L. Yengibaryan International Mime Festival

    L. Yengibaryan International Mime Festival

    ...6th edition of L. Yengibaryan International Mime Festival, which will be held from 22 - 26 J...l costs. To L. Yengibaryan International Mime Festival 2017 may apply companies/theat...engibaryan International Mime Festival!   Ministry of cultu...

  • İstanbul International Mime Festival

    İstanbul International Mime Festival

    2.Istanbul International Mime Festival (18-24 March 2013)5.Century,F...mime performances on Anatolia Festivals.He stayed in Karabuk for yea...years ago on our country!The Festival is located the most beautiful...orical buildings etc.On First festival,Richmond Shepard who is the o...

  • World Mime Community

    World Mime Community

    ...ists,organizations,events and festivals and also help world's peace w...Our unique interest is art of pantomime!When you are a member of WMC, ability to join our events,festivals,meetings etc and also you ca...nity@gmail.comWe will support festivals,events,artists/groups etc. w...

  • Marcel Marceau

    Marcel Marceau

    Marcel Marceau, mime Marceau said, is a French actor and mime, Marcel Mangel was born March 22, 1923 in Strasbourg and died September 22, 2007 in Cahors. He enjoyed international fame with his quiet character Bip, created in 1947.

  • Pantomime Club

    Pantomime Club

    You can share everything about mime!We have got this group on all communication web sites!For Example:

  • Partage Mime

    Partage Mime

    L'objectif de ce groupe est d'échanger nos expériences, nos trucs et astuces aussi bien dans le domaine artistique qu...os origines d'écoles ou formations, quelques soient nos étiquettes de Mime ou Pantomim...