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  • MIMESIS - 5ème édition

    MIMESIS - 5ème édition Festival de formes courtes en Arts du Mime et du Ges...n ligne Renseignements : 01 53 16 18 18 Festival de formes courtes en Arts du...'velours (Toulouse) le samedi 14. Le Festival Mimesis de cette année...


  • Le Chevalier

    Dans les années 1990 Mario Gonzalez avait sa pro...a été créée en 1996 au Festival Banlieues'Arts à T...jouée douze fois en août 1996 lors du Festival de Paris Quartier d'&eacu...

  • Newsletter July 6

    To celebrate our two years history, we are pleased to present the new version of The websit...videos (Darwin, tudo evolui exceto o coração dos homens), files (Mimo, el...

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  • L. Yengibaryan International Mime Festival

    L. Yengibaryan International Mime Festival

    L. Yengibaryan International Mime Festival  2017 22-26 July 2017  ...uly 2017, in Armenia.  The Festival Committee provides accommodat...engibaryan International Mime Festival 2017 may apply companies/thea...engibaryan International Mime Festival!  ...

  • İstanbul International Mime Festival

    İstanbul International Mime Festival

    ...mime performances on Anatolia Festivals.He stayed in Karabuk for yea...years ago on our country!The Festival is located the most beautiful...orical buildings etc.On First festival,Richmond Shepard who is the o...s about “Body Language”..This festival is organized by Turkish Mime...

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  • 2.Istanbul International Mime Festival (Application)

    Send the application before 1 September 2012 to our office adress with a full DVD and Photos of Performance!And to istanbulmimfestivali@gmail.comVedat ZARİstanbul Mime Festival CoordinatorWorld Mime Community Founder

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