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  • 100 Thousand Mimes for Change- 2012

        Do you want to join other poets, Mimes ,Cl...00 Thousand Poets for Change Day on September 29th, 2012.This past September 24th, 201...gest poetry reading in history. For September 29th, 2012 we invite Musicians to join i...


  • Newsletter November 12

    In the international newsletter on Friday, November 12, we will summarize the files , videos and photos uploaded recently on We also highlight the last...

  • Newsletter January 22

    ...13! In this first newsletter of the year, we publish two interviews with Mime companies (COMPAGNIE MODERNE and COMPAGNIE HIPPOCAMPE) filmed in November 2012 in Mimesis #2. We also prese...

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  • İstanbul International Mime Festival

    İstanbul International Mime Festival

    2.Istanbul International Mime Festival (18-24 March 2013)5.Century,First...y and World Mime Community!Application deathline is 1 September 2012 but sent your full DVD and Application before 15 August 2012!We can get before deathline.Y...


  • [Liveroom] Upcoming

    Friday, November 9, 2012, and Saturday, November 10, 2012 to 7:00 pm GMT: MIMESIS by the companies: Théâtre Diagonale, Carole Fages, Théâtre L'écoutille, Mime de Rien, Cie Sur le Pont, Cie Moderne, Troisième Génération, Energinmotion, Compagni...

    Tags: live, november 2012, 2012, november, companies, company, platform, play, artists, mime, mimesis, paris, ivt, france

  • Interview de la Compagnie Moderne

    Dans le cadre de MIMESIS #2, les reporters de sont allés à la rencontre des artistes pour les interviewer sur leurs spectacles et leurs parcours. Voici l'Interview de la Compagnie Moderne avec Benoit Gauthier et Bernardo Garcia pour parler de leur specta...

    Tags: mime, mimesis, plateau, créativité, novembre 2012, 2012, france, paris, artistes, compagnies, arts, gestes, interview, platform, event, creativity, november 2012, artists, companies, gestures

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