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    • Yerevan State Pantomime Theatre

      L. Yengibaryan International Mime Festival 2017 22-26 July 2017

      ...engibaryan International Mime Festival  2017 22-26 July 2017 &...engibaryan International Mime Festival, which will be held from, juggling, dramatic dance, pantomime genres and other forms of mi...engibaryan International Mime Festival!

      • Vedat  ZAR

        "Again Theatre?" Company

        ...for the everyday life of the pantomime. Protests of mime and drama i...lip; Also at nurseys clown, pantomime, drama, Santa Claus, Nasreddi...- 3 May Ankara Univ. ZİFTT 3. Festival of the Theatre Respect to Mast....Menemen Munipulitary Theatre Festival -11  May 2012  &ldq...

        • Billy Deylord


 Decroux presents his first pantomime "Le Désœuvré", "L'Assassin" and "La Pantomime Japonaise". Compagnie Madelei...s Jacques. At the Berlin Film Festival, met with the Berliner Ensembl...y Jacques Noël; and "Les Pantomimes de Style" and "Bip". 1957...

          • Billy Deylord


            ...Decroux ses premières pantomimes : "Le Désœuvré", "L'Assassin" et "La Pantomime Japonaise". Compagnie Madelei...les Frères Jacques. Au Festival de Berlin, rencontre avec le B...Fédérale. "Les Pantomimes de Bip" et "Le Manteau" sont...