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    • Learning Through Alternatives

      Experiment of determining contemporary performance based on Mime for Children audience

      ...It’s a concept more than performance. Mime for Children committed...hape up Contemporary Mime based performance style for the different as audiences of a 30 minutes performance. The age of the Children is 8...ting the makeup & ready for performance the character arranges the pe...

      • Learning Through Alternatives

        Manofesto of Mime for Children

        ...r Children is a voluntary Initiative. It’s a concept more than performance. Mime for Children committed...r reflection, feelings, areas of expression. During the experimental performance mime for children will be awa...

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        • Philippe Pillavoine

          Un artiste s'installe dans un enclos au zoo de Besançon

          ...c: jusqu'au 16 août, la ville de Besançon accueille une performance artistique qui veut interroge...s entre leur pas pour éviter de se perdre", explique-t-il. La performance de Laurent Decol rappelle cel...

          • Vedat  ZAR


            5.Century,First Mime Artist come from Egypt and made lots of mime performances on Anatolia Festivals.He stayed...quo;,”Best Spiker” etc. on their works about “Body Performance”..This festival is orga...

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            • Vedat  ZAR

              2.Istanbul International Mime Festival (Application)

              Send the application before 1 September 2012 to our office adress with a full DVD and Photos of Performance!And to istanbulmimfestivali@gmail.comVedat ZARİstanbul Mime Festival CoordinatorWorld Mime Community Founder


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              • Vedat  ZAR

                "Again Theatre?" Company

        about “Mime And İstanbul İnternational Mime Festival” -07 April 2012 Cine5 Zembur Talk Show Program Pantomime Show (Live Performance) - 2011-2012 Dansorium Danc...

                • Billy Deylord


                  ...of the School. 1971 At the request of Rolf Lieberman, creation and performance of "Candide" with the Ballet...arceau, officially invited by the People's Republic of China, giving performances in Beijing and other major c...



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                  • Vedat  ZAR

                    100 Thousand Mimes for Change- 2012

                    ...SHOPS, FUNDRAISERS, any kind of mime related event, in a coffee shop or in an arena, drum circles, theatre fests, symphonies, marches, intimate performance in local community centers or...


                    • Dmitrii Dormantasovich Kazenas

                      The Circus Has Gone

                      A small nice crazy "Kotorogo Theatre" from Saint-Petersburg/Russia will play a clowning performance "THe Circus Has Gone" and street "Kotorogo Band" will p...