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    • Théâtre du MimOdrame

      Théâtre du MimOdrame

      About me: LA COMPAGNIE Il n'y a pas de hasard, les plus belles rencontres se produisent le temps venu...Roger Jouan était directeur artistique du Théâtre du Petit Saint Martin...

      • Amr Abdelaziz

        Amr Abdelaziz

        About me: ...and began his career in performing arts as an actor in 2005. Among other plays Amr performed in “Sahwetraby...d “The giver tree” (in Sawy Culture wheel). In 2011 he acted in the mime play “Under construction” directed...

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        • Patrice Keller de Schleitheim

          Comment on "Photos"

          ...raffe in the keyhole! Once upon a time, there was a child. Once upon a time, a book the history(story) of which could again spell or disappear, play hide-and-seek and bring down...


          • Billy Deylord

            Newsletter December 21

            ...le in a new category of the shop (MIME THEATRE, in the category Shows to play). We summarized the latest Find "MIME THEATRE, in the category Shows to play"'s Shop...

            • Philippe Pillavoine

              Bonne fin d'année 2010 ! / Happy Year end 2010!

     for the CIC and PMU. It was a delight to shoot for Barney Cokeliss! I played for the theater in Paris an...rave; la santé (The marriage seriously damages health)". It was a play of Boulevard... a new theatri...


              • Philippe Pillavoine

                Children of paradise

                Written and directed by Richmond Shepard. This play is based on Debureu’s actual biography, and in..., headed by Chris Douros, with music by Harrison Wade, the action-filled play gives us a look at a little-k...

                • Philippe Pillavoine

                  65 Films de Charlie Chaplin gratuits

                  ...– Free – Chaplin plays a wife jealous of her husban...;s interest in another woman, played by Phyllis Allen. On her wa...f on a bench while the father plays a hide-and-seek game with a...l Love - Free – Chaplin plays a rich, upper-class gentlema...

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                  • Billy Deylord

                    [Live Room] past

                    - Friday, February 18, 2011 to 19:00 hours GMT: Mim'provisation live "Comme Vous Emoi". - Saturday, March 12, 2011 from 13 to 17 hours GMT: "Information Day for the Ar...

                    • Billy Deylord

                      [Live Room] passées

                      - Vendredi 18 février 2011 à 20 heures : Mim'provisation en direct de « Comme Vous Emoi ».- Samedi 12 mars 2011 de 14 à...

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                      • Dmitrii Dormantasovich Kazenas

                        The Circus Has Gone

               crazy "Kotorogo Theatre" from Saint-Petersburg/Russia will play a clowning performance "THe Circus Has Gone" and street "Kotorogo Band" will play some music for inviting peopl...



                      • Mr Alone

                        Mr Alone

                        ...ot;Marche dans les nuages". The first performances took place in France in October 2011. Join the group for know the latest news of the show. Play website: