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  • Comment on "La nuit volée"

    Après le "teaser" posté sur l'album photo on a le plaisir de voir ta pièce en mouvement. J'aime beaucoup ta manière de bouger... Entre comédien de verbe et danse contemporaine. Bravo aussi pour la scénographie et le jeu avec le mobilier !

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  • 100 Thousand Mimes for Change- 2012

    ...the streets, performing in general, and of course contacting the media, posting the event on the web, in c...shared through our website at, a place where you can post event information, as well as...





  • Newsletter October 15

    This week in the's newsletter, you'll find two new members (Alexey Mironov of Berlin and Vladislav Bagnuk of Kiev), a file uploaded by Patrick Keller Schleitheim, a blog post by Mime Demet. You'll also have access to the last event posted by Won Kim, at the last video posted...

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  • Newsletter October 22

    You will discover with the newsletter of this Friday, two new members (Mr Qwirk and Wesley Brainard) and the latest photos and videos posted lately. If you need additional information to guide you through your first steps on, you can read or join the "Help" group. Check out ...

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