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    • mimethegap


      About me: Australian Mime who know lives in England and now performs at Festivals, Cabaret & Theatres with my Comedy Mime & Magic show. My Theatre Company 'Mime The Gap' creates shows, teaches at Universities, pr...



        About me: ...i, Tom Greder... Back to Italy i started to perform as clown in theatre shows and street festivals and con...h Paolo Nani, Vladimir Olshansky and Peter Shub. Then i produced my own show with the direction of Jango....

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        • Billy Deylord

          Newsletter June 03

 Saturday, June 4, the last performance of La chambre de Camille mime show in Paris at Lavoir Moderne Pa...Mime Marceau in Antenne 2 News), bookmarks (Les enfants du paradis, Mime Show) and connections that have oc...

          • Philippe Pillavoine

            Veille de première * Eve of the first

            ...mère nature, Solomima and La vie qui coule, this will be my fifth show of Mime. And I have stage fri...anuary 2011 until today. More than a year of creation and rehearsal. The show is produced by the company "L...

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            • Vedat  ZAR


              ...the Clown”.He was a painter and this made him so special on his mime wisdom.This year,we will have a prize-giving ceremony about “Best Show”,”Best Mime&rdquo...

              • Philippe Pillavoine

                65 Films de Charlie Chaplin gratuits

                ...the screen. (1914) A Night in the Show – Free – “M...and homosexuality. (1916) Between Showers - Free – A short Key...friend gets stuck and a policeman shows up. Charlie sprays the polic...ld collection the insurance money. Shows some early day street scenes...

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                • Vedat  ZAR

                  "Again Theatre?" Company

         kindergardens and nurseries. Some of these shows are showed by the best performers of t...s, animation and demonstration activities are showed.   Previous Activit...etit International Theatre Festival Pantomime Show - 13 January Nilüfer &n...

                  • Yerevan State Pantomime Theatre

                    L. Yengibaryan International Mime Festival 2017 22-26 July 2017

                    ...9;t provide travel costs. To L. Yengibaryan International Mime Festival 2017 may apply companies/theatres acting in mime, street, physical, fire-show, moving, juggling, dramatic d...

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                    • Philippe Pillavoine

                      I played my Mime show "Mr Alone" at the Montparnasse Station in Paris... Here is a short short video:



                      • MIMeGRAM

                        Patla a Matla

                        Patla a Matla is a show for the kids. Its mime for 35min. 

                        • Victor Paulo de Seixas


                          My solo show were Etienne Decroux meets Tadeus Kantor. Darwin, tudo evolui exceto o coração dos homens " Darwin, everything evolves except the men's heart"

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                        • Mr Alone

                          Mr Alone

                          ...: ******************* Here's my own group of mime show: Mr Alone in "Marche dan...n France in October 2011. Join the group for know the latest news of the show. Play website: www.mralone.c...

                        • İstanbul International Mime Festival

                          İstanbul International Mime Festival

                          ...came and made workshop with artist and made a very succesful show with turkish mimes on some pieces of show.And Hiromi Hosokawa and his year,we will have a prize-giving ceremony about “Best Show”,”Best Mime”,”Best Actor”,”Be...

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