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    • Philippe Pillavoine

      Occupy signs

      J'ai bien aimé cet article paru sur : Le mouvement Occupy Wall Street qui continue encore aujourd’hui se réunit fréquemment sous forme d’assemblée générale citoyenne et, afin de transmettre ce que chacun pense de ce qui est dit, un l...

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      • Philippe Pillavoine

        Children of paradise

        Written and directed by Richmond Shepard. This play is based on Debureu’s actual biography, and includes Mime pieces he did that were written down by his son over 150 years ago, parts of which were performed in the film.With a company of 14 Mime/Actor/Gymnasts, headed by Chris Douros, wi...

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        By Philippe Pillavoine
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        PERCEPTION, Saison 3, épisode 1 avec Eric McCormack.