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  • Newsletter April 21

    ...and that it is open for everyone! To be continued... So in this 44th newsletter we present two new members (Théâtre du MimOdrame and Vedat ZAR). We feature a new articl...

  • Newsletter du 21 avril

    ...oire à suivre... Donc dans cette 57ème newsletter nous présentons deux nouveaux membres (Théâtre du MimOdrame et Vedat ZAR). Nous mettons en vedette...



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  • "Again Theatre?" Company

    ...uo;   It was constituted by Vedat Zar In October  2009&nbs...y the best performers of the world.Vedat Zar, who is the founder of 2012 “Pantomime Days with Vedat Zar” in İstanbul Phone: 0537 604 92 90 Vedat ZAR:



  • World Mime Community

    World Mime Community

    World Mime Community (WMC) is founded by Vedat Zar.WMC's first aim is making frien...mmunauté de Mime Mondiale (WMC) est fondée par Vedat Zar. Le premier but du WMC'S...r la tradiction Patrice Keller de Schleitheim Vedat ZARFounder of  World Mime Com...

  • İstanbul International Mime Festival

    İstanbul International Mime Festival

    ...ntent/uploads/2012/03/2ISTMIMEFEST2013APPL.docGeneral İnformation:istanbulmimefest@gmail.comistanbulmimfestivali@gmail.comFestival Coordinator:Vedatİsta...


  • "Again Theatre?" Company

       COMMUNITY OF “AGAİN THEATRE?”   It was constituted by Vedat Zar In October  2009  in Balıkesir. The community, which has a name of “Yine Mi” for satirizing to importance of the theater in our country, has written with  “Kutlay AK...

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