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    • Vedat  ZAR

      2.Istanbul International Mime Festival (Application)

      Send the application before 1 September 2012 to our office adress with a full DVD and Photos of Performance!And to istanbulmimfestivali@gmail.comVedat ZARİstanbul Mime Festival CoordinatorWorld Mime Community Founder

      • Philippe Pillavoine

        Cahier du Centre du Nouveau Mime - N°3 et 4

        La patience est la vertu des sages, dit-on... Nous l’avons pris au...uvelle parution des Cahiers du Nouveau Mime, nous vous présentons un double numéro dans lequel Mime 3 et 4 font la paire. Aussi moment ! L’équipe de MIME

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        • Billy Deylord

          Newsletter March 04

          Retrospective in the newsletter of this Friday Mim'provisation event held last February 18 at the center " Montreuil, in France. It was the first event of the Live Room. Another mee...scheduled for March 12. We do find in the event posted by Philippe Pillavoine...

          • Learning Through Alternatives

            Manofesto of Mime for Children

            What are the children situations in the world? There are more than 2.2 bill...ns and countries in the Third World face great disparities, and t...lly but also global arena. MIME FOR CHILDREN is a name of a C...based conceptual approach of Mime for Children. Basically mime...

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            • Ofer Blum

              Silence Community: Your settings

              Ofer Blum,  A unique mime artist Marcel Marceu Graduate, Performs and teaches mime world wide for the last 25 years. visit ofer's webaite at:

              • Vedat  ZAR


                5.Century,First Mime Artist come from Egypt and made lots of mime performances on Anatolia Fest...ayed in Karabuk for years and mime had started 2500 years ago on...cedil;er and they were first mimes in Turkey Republic.He started...was so successful about his mime works.He created Turkish mime...

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                • Vedat  ZAR

                  "Again Theatre?" Company

                     COMMUNITY OF “AGAİN THEATRE?” gather to protest mime and drama intensive at kinderga...e founder of the “Word Mime Community” and “Mo...nning balon decoration, pantomime and breathing workshops, Festival in the world. Web Cite...

                  • Yerevan State Pantomime Theatre

                    L. Yengibaryan International Mime Festival 2017 22-26 July 2017

                    L. Yengibaryan International Mime Festival  2017 22-26 July 2017 &...dition of L. Yengibaryan International Mime Festival, which will be held...ts. To L. Yengibaryan International Mime Festival 2017 may apply compa...pation in L. Yengibaryan International Mime...

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                    • Philippe Pillavoine

                      I played my Mime show "Mr Alone" at the Montparnasse Station in Paris... Here is a short short video:



                      • Philippe Pillavoine

                        MIMESIS #2

                        Les reporters de la « Live Room » de Sile...n direct l’événement « MIMESIS #2 ». Voici quelques...Visual Theatre) to broadcast in live the “MIMESIS #2″ event. Here are some photos of the...

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                        • Vedat  ZAR

                          100 Thousand Mimes for Change- 2012

                              Do you want to join other poets, Mimes ,Clowns,Cinema or Theatre change? 100 Thousand Mimes for Change Day will take directly to register your event at mimecommunity@gmail.comAnd please...organize?”100 Thousand MIMESS for Change will organize &ld...

                          • Philippe Pillavoine

                            MIMESIS - 5ème édition

                            MIMESIS - 5ème édition Festival de formes courtes en Arts du Mime et du Geste Du 12 formes courtes en Arts du Mime et du Geste conçu par...angano-Massip et Platform 88. MIMESIS est un état des lie...sur le site du Collectif. Mimes...

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                            • Le Bateau Ivre

                              « Mime Suiveur » à L'Hôpital (57)

                              Le dimanche 11 septembre 2016, Francis Decker fera le Mime Suiveur dans le centre ville de l'Hôp...temps retournez-vous. Il y aura probablement un Mime qui vous suivra et vous imite...ureux que vous réserverez à notre Mime...

                              • Le Bateau Ivre

                                Mr Alone à Champeaux (77)

                                Mr Alone dans « Marche dans les nuages » à Champeaux (77) Salle La...i 29 septembre 2018 à 15h00, l’artiste Mime Philippe Pillavoine, form&eac...Durée : 50 minutes. Avec ce spectacle de Mime,...

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                              • World Mime Community

                                World Mime Community

                                WMC's first aim is making friendship and scholarship between artists,organizations,events and festivals and also help world's peace with mime!
                              • L. Yengibaryan International Mime Festival

                                L. Yengibaryan International Mime Festival

                                Ministry of culture of RA, Municipality of Tsakhkadzor and Yerevan State Pantomime Theatre proudly present Yengibaryan International Mime Festival to be held in Tsakhkadzor (Republic of Armenia) on 22-26 July 2017...
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                                • Vedat  ZAR

                                  100 Thousand Mimes for Change- 2012

                                      Do you want to join other poets, Mimes ,Clowns,Cinema or Theatre Actors,Anybodyelse around the USA and across the planet in a demonstration/celebration of MUSIC to promote serious social, environmental, and political change? 100 Thousand Mimes for Change Day will take ...

                                  Tags: peace, art, bridges between nations, bridges between mimes, world wide peace, world wide mime event