Mimesis, Mime show for all audience for organizers and proposed by La compagnie des Mimes.

Mimesis; Coming of mimesis, the imitation of nature, sketches interpret a sequence of characters most animal, made ​​with the hands or body part.
- "Air, Earth"; is a succession of characters like the frog, owl, bird, man, animals of the farmyard, sheep, horse, the dog, deer, deer, butterfly,... follow the rhythm of a day.
- "The aquarium"; characters sailors.
- "Symbiosis"; a deer, a tree, any symbiotic relationship.
- "Aeolus"; wind god.
- "Neptune"; the god of the sea monitors activity on earth.
- "The tree and the seed".
- "The plane".
- "Chimera"; result of strange characters.

The site of the show:
The presentation file of the show upon request.

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Mimesis, imitation of Nature, show Mime inter-active for all audiences


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