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Mime Animations

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Mime Animations: Mime Follower, Living Statue, The tramp, Mime card proposed by "Le Bateau Ivre".

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Description:Prices shown do not include transportation costs, meals and accommodation teams required and payment out of copyright (SACD- SACEM) which may depend on the contracts you have with these organizations.
Duration:4 hours with breaks.

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Follower Mime
In the street or during your event mime will slip behind its flowing loops not that he has chosen as a "victim." Caricature, nicely, its approach and mannerisms ...
Mime follows a person to do the same. With his eyes of a child, he likes to imitate gestures, actions, specific actions of one or more persons to transcend into play comedy. Other people, privileged witnesses of this improvised comedy being played before their eyes, savoring this moment of grace where everything is suspended to the desires of each protagonist who in turn obey the golden rule that what the silence of life.

Living Statue
One or more mimes are going to get the eyes of your public statues.
But hush! If they have the originality to be alive. When they stare, they remain motionless. And as soon as his back is turned, they move a hand, a look ,...
They are not difficult. Ask you where you want the dress to your liking and you're done.

Philippe Pillavoine tribute to Charles Chaplin, the legendary character invented by Charles Chaplin.
For four hours, you will relive the days of silent films, the century of black and white, when the humor and excitement inflamed the crowd.
Immerse yourself in this movie where poetry and humor combine to happiness and delight your audience.

Mime card
Dreaming of an original animation, original and we do not offer here ... ask!
If you think "impossible"! Wait before you decide.
Contact us and we'll see.
Please note that our only goal is to realize your wildest dreams left to do an animation for you... a "Mime animation card"!

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Mime Animations

Mime Animations

Mime Animations: Mime Follower, Living Statue, The tramp, Mime card proposed by "Le Bateau Ivre".