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Animation Wader

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"Le Bateau Ivre" has unusual characters on stilts fixed or rebounds.

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To facilitate your events, parties, openings, discover and choose from our unusual characters on stilts fixed or rebounds:

El Diablo - Medieval Times.
Straight out of medieval imagery.
El Diablo through the streets and alleys on stilts rebounds.

Papiol - Medieval Times.
It claims to have accompanied traveler Marco Polo in the wider world.
As proof, he refers remedies and potions these distant lands: powder extracts of alligator or magical herbs. This charlatan wanders in search of souls to entertain.

Agobard - Medieval Times.
Fantasy warrior extract a medieval fable. He proudly walks the streets of high stilts and fight against invisible ghost!

This silver star is dream, joy and sweetness!
He wanders in the middle of a cloud of soap bubbles, memories of distant planets.

Baguio, the clown
Character full of fantasy and pranks on stilts, in the crowd, in the wind for all to enjoy!

Sorcerer, Ingwe walks, mime scenes of hunting and dancing on stilts, music, to call good spirits!


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Animation Wader

Animation Wader

"Le Bateau Ivre" has unusual characters on stilts fixed or rebounds.