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Animation "The Tramp"

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Mime Animation about "The Tramp" proposed by "Le Bateau Ivre".

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For:All Public.
Description:Transport, accommodation and meals are not included in the price of the animation.
Duration:4 hours.

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Spectators called Chas or Charlie and finally Charlie. In 1914, during his first 10 films, Charles Spencer Chaplin seeks his character would become world famous! He tries various forms of whiskers, he often changes hats and shoes. After two months of testing it finally made its choice and definitely keeps the same suit, the same makeup, same characteristics gestures. Until World War II, Charles Chaplin never appear on screen without his mustache, his cane and his oversized shoes, his duck approach... And so Philip Pillavoine will revive time this animated silhouette and character of Charlot!


Philippe Pillavoine
Philippe learned Mime alongside mime master Marcel Marceau from 1993 to 1996. Since he works for film, theater and events. You can currently see on the small screen in ads for Synthol, Quick and Delko. It examines the character of Charlot in 2004 while preparing auditions for a musical about Chaplin which unfortunately never saw the day. He took advantage of the study work undertaken to create his animation Mime "Charlot". "The character invented by Charles Chaplin has a" likability "huge to everyone. It is delight for both young and old. "Confides Philippe. Since 2015, he worked with Anna Tien Vuong Nguyen Moraschi and under the direction of Anne-Marie Laussat for the realization of a show about Charlot. Stay tuned!
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Labor of repeats for the future creation of the show, we offer to ambulatory entertainment formulas where Charlie can be reached by the Junior Bridesmaid and / or the Gendarme to flesh out the intrigues of the public proposed pantomimes. A street musician (violinist) may also be part of the adventure. We remain at your disposal to send you a detailed quote with all the options you want (maximum 4 artists).



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Animation "The Tramp"

Animation "The Tramp"

Mime Animation about "The Tramp" proposed by "Le Bateau Ivre".



"The Tramp" Production file

Production file presenting the "The Tramp" event.

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