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Animation "Follower Mime"

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Animation "Follower Mime" proposed by "Le Bateau Ivre".

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For:All Public.
Description:Transport, accommodation and meals are not included in the price of the animation.
Duration:4 hours.

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The Follower Mime! Discipline certainly goes back to the practices of acrobats at fairs where commerce and the arts were fun pair. Television has popularized the practice with a short program in the 80 where a street artist raged on the forecourt of the Centre Beaubourg in Paris. The Follower Mime has no red nose because it is not a clown but is also his cousin laugh. As the title defines the Mime follows a person in the crowd, imitating his walk, his actions for happiness hilarious improvised spectators who are near this fleeting scene... and sometimes lasts long, as laughter is this!

Duo "Follower Mime"
Philippe Pillavoine and Francis Decker will strive to make you laugh twice. In real teammates, during the "spinning" of their "victim", one may be replaced by his partner and vice versa. But they can also play rivalry... And such is time: The Follower Mime remains longest in the footsteps of someone without being noticed won! They can also "fun" each other: Follower Mime The second follows and copies the first Follower Mime he is already trying to follow and copy a person. kaleidoscopic effect guaranteed! You'll understand that nothing will stop this crazy duo in completely wild game, inventiveness and surprise. And remember their word: "Follow without running never slim down the laughter of the public that must delight!"


Philippe Pillavoine
From 1993 to 1996, Philippe was student of the International School of Mime in Paris - Marcel Marceau. In 1998 he wrote his first show of Mime. It's a little before her fourth show in 2007 as it embarks Follower Mime for the Museum of Valenciennes (59). Today after more than 50 Follower Mime benefits, we can say that he followed in "victims", he has seen all the colors and also public. He played in museums, town halls, year-end galas, squares, avenues, festivals, Christmas markets, resorts, fairs, garage sales, conventions, carnivals, book holidays, the Holy Fire Jean, Casinos, agriculture salons, supermarkets, entertainment retailers, fruit gardens... Now he only needs to play with you and laugh your public!
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Animation "Follower Mime"

Animation "Follower Mime"

Animation "Follower Mime" proposed by "Le Bateau Ivre".



"Follower Mime" Production file

Production file presenting the "Follower Mime" event.

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