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“I am Hope”

La Luna Press presents “I am Hope” written by Esperanza Habla.

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Number of pages:77.
Date of issue:2014.
Description:73 poems. Ebook: PDF format. ISBN13: 9780991510429.
Photo credit:Kristen Pugh and Adam Whitaker.

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Why did I begin to write? That is a long story. I feel that, looking back on my life, I have always been a writer; however, I never actually knew it. My life as a writer began four years ago. I was 39 years old, new to writing, and very insecure in my writing abilities. However I had a small circle of friends that I trusted. I also had a new muse come into my life in the guise of love. I wrote and shared my writing with my friends and my muse. As I continued to be inspired, I continued to write. I have not stopped since.

A few months after I began writing poetry, I decided to create a blog to share my writing. However, I did not have the courage to share my writing under my real name. I had to come up with a pen name. Thus Esperanza Habla was born. Translated from the Spanish language, it means “Hope Speaks.” My real name is Hope, and I have a lot to say. With the creation of my pen name and the support of my friends, I began my first blog of poetry in 2011, called “The Words of Hope.” I wrote and shared my poetry in English and Spanish. In 2013 I created a new blog, “Letters to the Moon”, which enables the reader to translate my writing into their language. To date I have had over 23,000 visits to the blog from readers in more than 60 countries. Also in 2013 I created my own publishing company, La Luna Press.

“I am Hope” is my first collection of poetry. I view it as more than a book, more than a collection of poetry; I view it as a time capsule of that time of my life. Nothing is the same as it was then. My life has been changed forever. Many poems in this book were shared privately; none of those poems have ever been shared with the public. Until now.
I am Hope. Come read what I have to say.
Esperanza Habla

“I am Hope”, from La Luna Press.

Love! As so aptly wrote Alfred de Musset, love is the best what can happen to us in the world. It is the union of these two monstrous beings is what makes us live and it is certainly our most valuable asset. But when the break occurs we do not have the moon to comfort us. Esperanza Habla rightly confided in the one star that inspires poets. Her pen guided by her grief has passed and repassed on the paper. With “I am Hope” her first collection of poems she shows us her long and winding road to recovery from her injuries. I invite from my heart all life lovers, love and poets to read. "I am Hope" Esperanza's first e-book will be your travel companion. It will inform its moonlight your steps towards your future.
Philippe Pillavoine


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“I am Hope”

“I am Hope”

La Luna Press presents “I am Hope” written by Esperanza Habla.