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Vu de la Terre

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Nathalie Théret-Grauss plays "Vu de la Terre"

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Data sheet

Duration:50 minutes.
Ideal gauge:About 120 people.
Stage area:Opening: 4 meters - Depth: 4 meters.
Assembly time:1 hour.
Technical requirements:Ground smooth and clean if possible black. If instead equipped with lighting, data sheet detailed light on demand.
Prices of Travel:Defray, transport and accommodation if more than 50km from Paris. Discount depending on the number of representation in one place.
Sound / Light:2 sockets for 2 halogen and 1 CD player.

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As far back as I can remember, I've always been green. My gardener and botanist father gave me a taste and respect for the Earth.
This is because I love life, I love the earth I created this show. Indeed, as an artist, it became necessary for me to commit myself to the preservation of the environment, even vital to express myself fully on this subject through writing but also the expression of the body and voice.
Global warming and the announced end of fossil fuels are the consequences of the grip of humanity on the planet. Under these conditions it becomes heroic to be optimistic in our time, but I have faith in humanity and remain persuaded that it is not too late to act.
The solutions are not only technical, legal or economic, they are also behavioral. The awareness that we are witnessing must give hope for a possible future for us and for future generations.
I will with this show to educate young people so that the "ecological reflex" becomes permanent. It is through the generations that the solutions will fit into obvious.
The bias is the lightness, simplicity, poetry and joy of earth character. It avoids blaming the Human and defuses what happens to him. Earth like its inhabitants, all its inhabitants.
Nathalie Théret-Grauss

"Vu de la Terre" is a show for all ages from 8 years to raise awareness of the environment. Raising awareness of the challenges of sustainable development is a priority of the government.
The EEDD (the Environmental Education for Sustainable Development) is one of the objectives of Education, it fits into all educational projects and educational activities that contribute to school projects and institution.
Theater to address EEDD, is an educational tool that goes through the emotional. A touchdown in his heart public is more motivated to learn and to act personally and collectively. Citizen awareness designs better acts to develop and integrate.
An actress plays the Earth, its main interlocutor is Human, one of its inhabitants. It is treated as a whole person with his sensations and feelings. The discourse is enriched with songs and gestures outcome of mime.
This good old Earth reminds us how our appearance is recent compared to his. His experience is quite different: the successive climatic changes, dinosaurs... Compared to other animals that the Earth has known, the human has the feature to change the balance of the biosphere itself. How does he continue to live on it? Necessarily find ways to restore this delicate balance.
The public is involved in this show which raises various aspects of environmental problems and makes us think about the part of individual and collective responsibility we have towards our planet.
Both children and adults will emerge from this show full of ideas and enthusiasm to act and preserve our environment.

Some topics discussed in the show:
- Water,
- Global warming,
- The greenhouse
- Fossil fuels,
- Renewable energy,
- Biodiversity,
- The balance, sharing, fairness,
- Hope.

Summary of the show Earth meets the human public. She is happy to talk with him, like a grandmother with her ​​grandchildren, she recounts her past, dinosaurs, mammoth hunters...
She talks about her not folichon state, its poles are melting, its sick rivers, elements running amok. She would like that the human rid of his rock oil, oil because she realizes that because of its use as a vegetable it is enclosed in a greenhouse!
It seeks solutions to the human to get better. She loves her people and would love to keep them all. She loves feel around on the crust, it tickles. And then watching them and see that they are able to find all the energy they need naturally sustainable. She loves the wind, geothermal, solar, that's since it has a large button that does not cure the side of Chernobyl.
She would like him make one of his lungs, the forest. Then she speaks with a whale that gives him new down... It is enough.
Earth speaks of balance and discovers that to get better, humans must share equitably without wasting natural resources.
Finally she feels hopeful in the great future that awaits all her children.

The show "Vu de la Terre" adapts to all kinds of places. In schools, it is recommended for students in primary and colleges. It is either the starting point of a teacher's pedagogical project, an illustration for a close working EEDD (Education for Sustainable Development).
Nathalie Théret-Grauss proposes to lead a discussion after the performance at the request of teachers.
In addition it is possible to organize educational events class by class, around ecology and sustainable development with the actress and the teacher.
The avenues to explore are numerous, they are developed in the teaching file that accompanies this show.

Tracks educational use of themes in the show:
- History of the Earth, since when y- Has he lives Yet?
- History of man.
- Global warming,
- The rising waters,
- Drinking water and polluted water.
Fossil fuels:
- Oil, its origin, the use which is made,
- Gas, coal.
Sustainable energy:
- Wind,
- Solar Thermal and Photovoltaic,
- Geothermal.
- A pollutant? Is it dangerous? Has does one need?
- What has happened in Chernobyl Yet?
Trade, globalization:
- Why a product such as shrimp made ​​it this far and requires as much energy to be sold Yet?
- Energy cost consumer products.
- Amazon, Congo (DRC), South Asia, Tasmania...
- Why man destroys forests it? Filmography
- Paper, furniture, agro -fuels, arable land,
- What are the roles of trees and forests on the balance of the planet Yet?
Agriculture, livestock:
- How the man eats it Yet?
- History of agriculture until the 50s and since then,
- Consequences of pesticide use.
Sea, oceans:
- Pollution: oil spills, plastic waste of all kinds,
- Overfishing.
- See the curve since the appearance of man,
- Acceleration of demography over the past 40 years,
- What impact on the planet Yet?
Sharing, equity:
- Review what a vital need,
- What comfort, luxury Yet?
- On what can we reduce our consumption Yet?
- Less waste this is not difficult and it is not expensive Again!
- Produce sustainable non-polluting,
- Repair, recycle, share...

Nathalie Théret-Grauss proposes to conduct a theater workshop with teachers who wish from the topics detailed in the educational record.

Themes relate to different materials:
- Science,
- History and geography,
- Citizenship,
- The French,
- Oral and body language.
The theater workshop:
- Heating,
- Working on breathing,
- Personal gaming elements, animals, listening,
- Vocal games,
- Improvisations from the following themes:
The greenhouse effect, sharing the riches of the earth, consumption, basic needs, energy, difference biodiversity. And many others who come after children's interest for a particular topic.
- If possible, writing and creating a show with costumes, props and sets.

Bibliography, references:
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Vu de la Terre

Vu de la Terre

Nathalie Théret-Grauss plays "Vu de la Terre"


Vu de la Terre

Press release of the show Vu de la Terre" played by Nathalie Théret-Grauss.

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