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A simian story

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"Le Bateau Ivre" presents: Francis Decker in "A simian story".

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For:All Public.
Description:20 minutes of the show on 4 hours. Example: 2:00 p.m-2:20 p.m.. 2:45 p.m-3:10 p.m.. 3:30 p.m-3:50 p.m.. 4:15 p.m-4:40 p.m. and 5:15 p.m-5:40 p.m. this is 5 passes for 4 hours.
Number of actors:1.
Duration:4 hours.
Stage area:Opening: 2.50 meters. Depth: 2.50 meters.
Technical requirements:Provide black carpet: 2.50 meters and 2.50 meters. Provide sound for a CD.

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"A simian story" is a play, entertainment, conference that Francis Decker proposes to publicize the great apes.

During his performance, the audience will have to feel empathy for the big ape. Interaction with the public (especially with children) will be appropriate. Via physical contact, games, many reactions are to be expected from either side.
During the second part of the show, selected from the organizing team Francis Decker will involve a third party. She will play for example someone who wants to capture and eat ape. The public will be asked for its opinion.

The third person: "Children! Where is the chimpanzee??!! I'll cook, and we will eat it."
Audience: "No! No! Leave him alone!!! "
The third person: "How are you?? You do not want to eat him?? "
Audience: "No! Do not hurt him!!"
The ape is released and thank the public in its own way.

"A simian story" will end with detailed information on great apes: their habitat, species, etc... Finally, Francis Decker testify two meetings he had.

My name is Francis Decker, and I’m an actor. I should also introduce myself as some sort of representative (keeping things in proportion) of a specific animal species dear to my heart: Apes. Besides working as an actor, I’m also stage director, and a coach, specifically a movement coach. I create movements for cinema monsters. The process is this: a project, one or several parts requiring a special body language, gestural features needing to be designed and shaped. The project holder explains his wishes to me, we talk about it, and together we settle on a line of approach. I then start training the performer(s). What brought me to the coaching of artists and actors was the whole year I spent learning how to move, act, and “think” like our closest relatives in the animal kingdom, the apes. As a second step, I applied and diverted the taught motions to monsters and other creatures calling for special gestures. The topic of apes is universal. They are close to us, and we are close to them: we do for instance share 99.4 % of the chimpanzee’s genome. Apes feel, love, solve problems, communicate through signing, design and handle tools.
The performance I’m offering with the Compagnie du Bateau Ivre consists in most closely interpreting the reality as experienced by our cousins of the jungle. Empathy is essential to me, and to this subject. Because I would like you (and especially the children) to get totally involved during the performance, and to be touched by them, I will develop an interaction with you, the audience. After the show, I will hold conference and share my experience with you. I actually was privileged to meet a female chimp and a female gorilla, both famous in the wildlife and audiovisual microcosm.
An golden artistic topic, and a topic that moves each and all of us.
Sincerely yours.
Francis Decker

Noteworthy work:
Nostalgic Z (part of a trader & movement coach – the feature is in preparation), Dans les Bois / The Faun of Healwood (coach for the Faune – production underway), “Keyvo” commercial (part of the young trader), and the plays Le Fart (part of the tramp), Le Voyage de Mr Random (director and coach – long version under writing).


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A simian story

A simian story

"Le Bateau Ivre" presents: Francis Decker in "A simian story".