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La Simplesse presents "Neige" Tale Musical according to Maxence Fermine.

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For:All Public.
Description:The prices indicated do not include transportation, meals or accommodation costs for the required teams and do not include copyright payments (SACD- SACEM), which may depend on the contracts you have with these various organizations.
Number of actors:4 interpreters + 3 technicians.
Duration:1 hour.

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"Neige" Philosophical and Musical Tale according to Maxence Fermine for All Audiences from 7 years old.

La Simplesse, an association under the law of 1901 from Tourangelle (Tours - France), was created in 2016 to organise the "37° à l'ombre" festival. On June 29, 2018, at the Château d'Azay-le-Rideau, "Neige" was created inspired by Maxence Fermine. Directed by Mario Gonzalez, this philosophical and musical tale brings together an actress, a mime artist, a harpist and a soprano singer, in a scenography of Chinese shadows and carried by traditional Japanese melodies as well as pieces by Claude-Achille Debussy. is pleased to present you in detail this atypical show available on tour:

The story:
At the end of the 19th century, on the island of Hokkaido, in northern Japan, Yuko, 17 years old, told his father that he would be a poet. Devoting a particular love to Neige, his haikus (poems), although magnificent, remain desperately white.
Guided by the poet of the Meiji court, against his father's advice, he left his village to search for colours with Japan's greatest artist. But while crossing the Japanese Alps, he discovered the disturbing image of a woman caught under the ice.
He finally reaches the end of his journey with Master Soseki but discovers that he is blind... as he teaches Yuko will learn to colour his poems and discover the power of love.

The concept:
This show is for everyone, young and old, from 7 years old and older, amateurs or not, without any notion of culture. The different levels of reading are within everyone's reach. The story questions us about the meaning of life. Chinese shadows captivate children. Comedy and humour bring everyone together.
This musical tale is at the crossroads of the play, the concert, the animated, poetic show and the initiatory story.
This harmony of the different artistic disciplines is the richness of this show which does not allow itself to be locked into any definition, but makes subtle use of these forms of expression to touch, move and bring people to taste art simply, objectively.
To let yourself be taken by the hand and to travel beyond your dreams to a distant, subtle country is within reach regardless of your age and background. Transported to the land of the rising sun, in a poetic and melodious universe: it is the quest for the absolute of art, and the sweetness of love.

Intent notes from director Mario Gonzalez:
"I wanted to create a dramatic play between the front of the stage that sees the two actors retracing the young poet's quest and the second scene in Chinese shadows where the musicians and graphic creations appear.
I sought a balance between the living reality of the story, the play of actors and mimes, the subtlety and poetry of shadows (thanks to a delicate work) and the part left free to the imagination of the spectator. Conceived as an opera, light illuminates the shadows (musicians and drawings) that magically appear and give the rhythm.
Specializing in masked play, I staged a light, spontaneous, funny, lively dramatic game that definitively abolished the boundaries of what is called The Fourth Wall."

The trailer of "Neige":


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La Simplesse presents "Neige" Tale Musical according to Maxence Fermine.


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