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In 1993, I was twenty, I was an apprentice actor. I discovered Les enfants du Paradis by Marcel Carné. I told myself that I would like to be this “Pierrot” character, cruel and poetic played by Jean-Louis Barrault. So I approached the undisputed master in charge: Marcel Marceau. For three years I learned the art of mime at his side.

Then because the Mime is not necessarily dumb, I used this art to help me speak in my shows. Since then, I am convinced that the Mime is the very source of all other arts.

Unfortunately, throughout my professional experiences, I realized that this personal opinion was not shared by all my interlocutors. Too often, they regarded the art of mime as another time or at best very minor. How many times, I wish to prove them wrong …

Ago, I think, a misunderstanding of what is truly the Mime. Following my representations, I regularly met with fans who thanked me for it was the first time in their life that they saw a show like this. I find it unfortunate that this art is not played more on the theaters and it is not more publicized by the media.

In 2007, after 10 years of practice of the Internet, and I found myself enrolled as many of my contemporaries on social networks. First on MySpace, Facebook and then more recently on Twitter. I can testify that the mime artists also met, mostly on Facebook. This greatly facilitated, for example, to play the solidarity Etienne BONDUELLE, former artistic director of the festival “Mimos”. In January 2010, the city of Périgueux wasn’t driving in his post he held for 7 years. The company “Le Bateau Ivre” has launched an online petition and collected over 150 signatures. I find this spirit of solidarity very noble but too little presence in our business. I think if we had been more in touch with each other on a network owned by us, the signatures would have been above our weight and increased in this case.

Already exists, you might say, especially in France with organizations such as the Centre du nouveau Mime or Planète MiMe a promotion or defense of mime. It is true and they do very well indeed. But I find it unfortunate that they don’t fully exploit new technologies and new ways of communicating that goes with it. We must no longer be content simply a communication up and down. It must now also be horizontal.

I don’t want the sector Mime do like the music. The majors know this and for some years, many economic difficulties. There are many opportunities to get out of this crisis Disc (Dataming, branded content, behavioral targeting, …) but majors don’t try. They prefer to cry and blame piracy for users. They prey on their audience, and for me it is a wrong. Marcel Marceau told us: “The public is always right.” I think he was right.

So I propose we think about and put into action for the future of mime. I hope and try this voice offered by social networks. I am pleased to introduce our community website freshly created, which will also be continually working progress … I named: Silence Community.

It is through this platform to create a dialogue together. On Silence Community, everyone is the same. Nobody is emphasized at the expense of another. No one right or wrong. Everyone spoke, sharing his experiences, news, ideas, projects. In this ferment, this mutual emulation, we finally show through Silence Community there are as many artists as there way of understanding the Mime.

Certainly in the future, I hope this expansion will promote communicational reconciliations to jointly carry out an isolated we could never achieve.

By and For Whom?
Silence Community is open to all artists, mime companies from all artistic movements. But what is the strength of social networks, spectators, fans mime, visual arts programmers, interested in all genres are welcome on this site. So everyone can build contacts and grow in the real world the plan that we all have in common: the art of mime.

Philippe Pillavoine
April 6, 2010.

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  1. Bonjour Philippe. Je suis Marcelo, une MIME spagnol. Me gustaria formar parte de vuestra Comunidad. Pero la pagina web de registro no me deja. Me pide la clave de la pagina. Me puedes ayudar a solucionarlo. Gracias.

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