Newsletter October 17

In this 38th newsletter, we present two events posted by Mime Demet (Mimésis 14:00 at 10:00 the 25 and October 26) and Magenia (Mime Workshop Commedia Fencing).

We also summarize recent activities: Announcements (Recherche mime blanc and Spectacle de mime d'une durée de 45 mn), Files (Entretien avec Hadrien Trigance and Compte rendu de l'AG du Centre du Nouveau Mime - septembre 2011), Blog posts (Eve of the first) and Discussion topic (Première vidéo payante) posted on

The shop also has a new article: Regular training workshops around the art of mime and gesture: "What family do we want to be?" by Elena Serra.

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Training Workshop for the Arts about Mime and GestureFind "Training Workshop for the Arts about Mime and Gesture" new workshop directed by Elena Serra. Online registration on's Shop.