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Newsletter December 21

This is certainly the last newsletter of 2011. So we take this opportunity to wish you a happy end year 2011. In recent months we have worked to achieve's Shop. Day by day, we supplement with new articles. We also work with the open version of the website. We hope fresh news in January 2012.

Today, we sent to all members of the 40rd international newsletter where we introduced a new member (Nicole Pschetz) and a new article in a new category of the shop (MIME THEATRE, in the category Shows to play). We summarized the latest videos (Senza Lamento (Without Lament) - by Maria Rita Salvi and Nicole Pschetz, BE LONELY WITH ME - by Energinmotion, Rencontre avec Philippe Avron and Hector, l'avis du ver à soie - promo), announcement (Animation de mime autour des tables), files (London international mime festival 2012 and La famille Don Quichotte), pages (La pédagogie du Mouvement) posted on the website.

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MIME THEATRE, in the category Shows to playFind "MIME THEATRE, in the category Shows to play"'s Shop offers for the first time a mime show to play. So we turn to mime artists who are looking for parts...