Newsletter February 9

The eve of the Live Room of MIMESIS, the 43th newsletter has been sent to introduce two new members (Zillur Rahman John and Pablo) and a new article (A mime's life) in the's shop.

We would also review the latest videos (The Mime Marceau as is...), photos (Soie Mime Soit Fil, Mime Publications of Zillur Rahman John, Director Zillur Rahman John and his Children Mime Troupe and Mime artist and director Zillur Rahman John), events (MIMESIS) and files (Descriptif Amalthée, Descriptif Hector l'avis du ver à soie, Descriptif Soie Mime Soit Fil and Cahier du Centre du Nouveau Mime - N°1) posted on the website.

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A mime's life in category Live RoomFind "A mime's life in category 'Live Room'"
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