Amr Abdelaziz

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AmrAbdElaziz (*1989)

Having lived all his life in Cairo AmrAbdElaziz ended his formal education with his graduation from high school and began his career in performing arts as an actor in 2005. Among other plays Amr performed in “Sahwetrabya” directed by LailaSoliman and choreographed by Karima Mansour during the Damascus Festival in 2008. It was during his acting experiences from 2005 to 2008 that Amr became interested in the art of mime. As it was very difficult to study mime in Egypt due to the lack of professionals in this field, Amr decided to study contemporary dance from 2008 to 2010 with different instructors since he felt that contemporary dance was closely related to the body language of a mime. Amr began his self-education as a mime in 2010 and in parallel participated in workshops for classical mime, modern mime, and mime choreography. Over the course of the past two years, Amr choreographed and performed five mime solo pieces “I am not Romeo” (in Sawy Culture Wheel), “The black balloon” (in the Cairo Opera House), “The white balloon” (in Rawabet), “Stop to think” (in Darb 1718), and “The giver tree” (in Sawy Culture wheel). In 2011 he acted in the mime play “Under construction” directed by Karina Olla in the Cairo Opera House. In 2012 Amr choreographed and performed eight interactive and improvisational mime solos in carriages of the Cairo metro. The young professional has also given mime workshops to children on a regular basis.

Brief description: Mime & Pantomime & Acting & contemporary dance
Telephone: 002 0100 0469 894