Vlado Kulisek

About me

Theatre Fortissimo (Slovakia and Czech republic)

Vlado Kulisek with his colleague, musician Radek Michalko, create a perfectly well-suited pair. Both have devoted themselves to professional theatre since 1989 and with great success, as they have made appearances, not only in Europe, but in places as distant as Asia or Amerika. Vlado Kulisek is one of the most dazzling personalities in Slovak and Czech pantomime. He has his own peculiar style and does not use cliché movements from classical performances. Radek Michalko completes the atmosphere of the performance with varied and spirited motifs, ending every scene with a spectacular musical punchline.

Kulisek and Michalko brew up spontaneous improvisations and surprising situations. The mime and the musician have to react with great creativity to the sudden stimuli and ideas of the audience. More then 5000 repeat performances testify that the performance is a success and that communication with the audience improves with every show.

Theatre Fortissimo's website: http://www.thff.eu