Manofesto of Mime for Children

What are the children situations in the world? There are more than 2.2 billion Children living on earth! Depending on the country in which they reside, a child can not enjoy the same rights or conditions of life as their being.  Many regions and countries in the Third World face great disparities, and the factors in question, whether political, economic, social, cultural, ethnic or religious, can have a different impact on each child. More over Children protection issue is one of the major areas where the rate of become an orphan child in the world increasing. Here Mime for Children is a voluntary initiative has committed to closely work with orphan child not only locally but also global arena.

MIME FOR CHILDREN is a name of a Concept! Mime is a performing art of beauty! As a most attractive & an aesthetically powerful communicative media Mime is very much interesting for the Children. Considering the attention an initiative has been stated on 2 February 2014 in Chittagong, Bangladesh. It’s a Mime for Children! Mime for Children is a voluntary Initiative. It’s a concept more than performance. Mime for Children committed to serve Entertainment to the children; Engagement them into mime illusion; Educate them with the contemporary issues. It’s a 3E (Entertainment, Engagement & Education) based conceptual approach of Mime for Children. Basically mime for Children going to those children who are underprivileged focusing orphan, ethnic minority and street living children

MIME FOR CHILDREN stable to serve children with entertainment. The children happiness in childhood motivate to growth creatively. If a mirror of art shown the every small but significant happiness of children everyday life; children pick up the moments. The moments could create a frame of joy full paintings. The joyfulness leaded children extrovert & thought full about others.

MIME FOR CHILDREN is a name of discipline. Here Children will participants in games of world! Gradually the children become a partner of joy full journey. The child will be sensitizing about its body boundary crating body language. The realization of discipline could be a unique asset for the children. The process of entertainment crates children attention & interest of the physical performing form.  Here Children attend as audiences took pleasure & delight.  Engagement means the game of Children. The games of physical movement are significant for children growth & learning.

There are innumerable numbers of children living in a deplorable condition in Bangladesh. They are orphans, destitute, disabled and very poor, who are living below the poverty line. Under the government department of Social Welfare there are state orphanages named Sarkari Shishu Paribar (State Children Home). There are 85 State Children Home all over the country with a capacity of 10,300 orphans. Among which 43 institutions are earmarked for boys, 41 for girls and 1 for both sexes. Mime for Children has a plan to continuously perform for the children who are lived in the state Children Home. MIME FOR CHILDREN is believed to move together with the children.

There is no enough process & space for the Children Know thy self. There are uncountable children around the world who have less happiness & pleasure. In the modern world every Children are in a kind of helpless for a certain moments! Attending the adults or care giver by the Children does not feel quietly. Although Children has own hidden competent to achieve hugely but they don’t feel of proud due to less interest of the adults. Mime for Children would like to effort for the children where Children will trust “we are proud” our self. Many children won’t know about history of our country unless an adult takes the step to teach them... MIME FOR CHILDREN is an organization which performed only for children. MIME FOR CHILDREN wants to teach that being patriotic means loving, supporting and defending one’s country. Children can learn about constitution of Bangladesh, the declaration of independence and the bill of rights through a patriotic mime production. Basically, MIME FOR CHILDREN wants to develop a sense of patriotism begins with watching a patriotic mime production

Mime for Children is a symbol of Creativity. Creativity leads to through of freedom. Freedom helps to educate human. Mime for Children will be committed to aware the children on contemporary issues which are most important for Children protection

Mime for Children is devoted to experiment & research about making understand the contemporary mime style for the children of hilly, rural & urban. In every level of research work Mime will be introduce as main communication technique & the children audiences will participate & count their reflection, feelings, areas of expression. During the experimental performance mime for children will be aware about the performing content. Children will be sanitized on education, health, patriotism, love to nature etc. Under the applying methodology the natural materials will be used as props. So children will be aware about the necessity of natural resources. End of the projection of experiments the different level of children will get entertainment, engaging them with the process & educated on particular content. The outcome of the projection to make a common sense about the contemporary Mime based performance style for the children not only locally but also globally!

The world is alive by the physical movement of Human around the world. Mime for Children has capacitated & gained experience of performing arts of Pantomime & concept of child development shaped a conceptual frame of voluntary initiatives for children through cultural movement aspect. It’s Mime for Children passion where children will express their opinion through physical arts performance. Children will be capacitated on physical arts & able to expose themselves through physics. Physical arts make discipline to the children. Children will be skills on different of physical arts of physical theatre, pantomime, Marshal Art, Yoga. By creating a institutional set up Children will educated on expression of physical movement are significant for children growth & learning as preparing a global active citizen.