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Experiment of determining contemporary performance based on Mime for Children audience

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    Mime for Children is a voluntary Initiative. It’s a concept more than performance. Mime for Children committed to serve Entertainment to the children; Engagement them into mime illusion; Educate them with the contemporary issues. It’s a 3E (Entertainment, Engagement & Education) based conceptual approach of Mime for Children.
    Presently Mime for Children experimenting to shape up Contemporary Mime based performance style for the different classes of Children audiences like indigenous, rural, urban etc.There are 11 of ethnic community are consisting at Bandarban (Hilly District) in Bangladesh. Here puppet is became one of the most interesting alternative communication tools for the Children. Besides Children have less experience about Mime. Popularize the form (Mime) to the Children in ethnic community; puppet has taken with Mime as experimental application! It is mostly Challenging but Interesting & Children love it very much!

    This is the time of 15 July 2015. There is a community based Children space at a ingenuous community in Bandarban Hill districts; Bangladesh. The Children Space program is facilitating by Human Rights based organization named BITA. There are 11 of indigenous communities consisting in the Hill District of Bandarban. The community we visited is named Bawm at Faruq para under central Upazilla. A group of children are invited to observe as audiences of a 30 minutes performance. The age of the Children is 8-16 years old. When we meet with the children they did know nothing what is going to happening actually; they know only a performance is will be happen! Some of the Children are playing indoor games, some are observing us. The performance facilitating team invited the children to sit together at the children space premises.
    Very beginning the children observed that a man starts for get make up himself. The Children got more curious how a man changing himself as a performer by holding a character in his face supporting make up materials. During the time the facilitators asked a few of question to the children that what they are observing & their experiences about the observation?
    Completing the makeup & ready for performance the character arranges the performance by the support of children. The performer performs solo mime performance based on Mime illusion with getting puppet. Then the part of process the children are invited to get perform with improvisation.

    Impassively two children willingly participated in process. Of them one is boy & another is girl.
    Both the child had held the puppet & took their position for performing! Oh my god! I still surprise!
    Actually the children don’t know what is going on or what they will perform! but they enjoyed a lot of!
    It was difficult & challenging the situation on that moment developing composition of mime illusion, developing puppet character by the children, different of mother tongue, communication with Mime & Puppet character.