İstanbul International Mime Festival

İstanbul International Mime Festival

pantomime puppet clown corporeal mime visual theatre etc.

İstanbul International Mime Festival

İstanbul International Mime Festival

Owner: Vedat ZAR

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2.Istanbul International Mime Festival (18-24 March 2013)

5.Century,First Mime Artist come from Egypt and made lots of mime performances on Anatolia Festivals.He stayed in Karabuk for years and mime had started 2500 years ago on our country!

The Festival is located the most beautiful city in Turkey!İstanbul is a bridge between lots of cultures and two continents.Lots of countries and nations lived on this city.They left lots of culturel things and special historical buildings etc.

On First festival,Richmond Shepard who is the oldest mime in the world came and made workshop with artist and made a very succesful show with turkish mimes on some pieces of show.And Hiromi Hosokawa and his group made very creative mime work with visual ilusion.

You can see Teaser on youtube: 

And photos from facebook: 

Second festival is memory of Ergin Kolbek.Ergin Kolbek is a friend of Erdinç Dinçer and they were first mimes in Turkey Republic.He started mime in Mimar Sinan University and continue with his own theatre.But some month later,he had problem with theatre bills and there was not enough support about his theatre from government and art community.He commited suicide from roof of Mimar Sinan University. He was so successful about his mime works.He created Turkish mime character named “Bico” and made stories about Bico like Marcel’s character “Bip the Clown”.He was a painter and this made him so special on his mime wisdom.

This year,we will have a prize-giving ceremony about “Best Show”,”Best Mime”,”Best Actor”,”Best Spiker” etc. on their works about “Body Language”..

This festival is organized by Turkish Mime Community and World Mime Community!

Application deathline is 1 September 2012 but sent your full DVD and Application before 15 August 2012!We can get before deathline.You can see details on our web


General İnformation:

Festival Coordinator:
Vedat ZAR

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Brief description: pantomime puppet clown corporeal mime visual theatre etc.

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