Marcel Marceau

Marcel Marceau

English group of the Mime Marcel Marceau.



Joined the Resistance, engages in the 1 st Army, participated in the campaign in Germany. Plays in the company of the fire curtain.

Demobilized. Plays at the Theatre Sarah Bernhardt, Charles Dullin troupe, in "Volpone et la vie est un songe".
Monte in honor of Charles Dullin at the Theatre Sarah Bernhardt "Praxitèle et le Poisson d'or". Etienne Decroux presents his first pantomime "Le Désœuvré", "L'Assassin" and "La Pantomime Japonaise". Compagnie Madeleine Renaud Jean-Louis Barrault, plays "Arlequin" in Baptiste, a pantomime scene from the film "Les Enfants du Paradis". Runs his first two short films with Alain Resnais: "La Bague" and "Le Désœuvré".

Creation of "Bip" at the Theatre de Poche, Paris. "Bip et la Fille des rues", with Peter and James Sonnier Pichette.

Out with Etienne Decroux. Mime "Je suis mort avant l'aube", Theatre Charles Rochefort, price Deburau Contest for Young Companies. Turns "Royaumont" and "Train bis", short films with Jean Lods.

Show at the Theatre de Poche with Compagnie Marcel Marceau Pierre Sonnier: "Les Pantomimes de Bip", "La Foire", "La Colle", "Le Parapluie", "Le Joueur de Flûte" sets and costumes by Jacques Noël. First tour in Israel and the Netherlands. Marceau toured with his company Mie-Mac, director Jean Beranger. The film won the Prix Max Linder.

Revival of "Mort avant l'aube" at the Studio des Champs-Elysees. "Bip" is shown in Austria at the Vienna Festival, and Salzburg.

Mimodrama creation of "Le Manteau" by Gogol (photos), Studio des Champs-Elysees, Edgar Bischoff music, scenery and costumes by Jacques Noël. The same program, "Les Pantomimes de style", "Bip" and "Moriana et Galvan", "Romancero Gitan" d 'Alexandre Arnoux. Stan Laurel visits the company and became friends with Marcel Marceau.
First tour in Argentina and Brazil, with Brothers Jacques. At the Berlin Film Festival, met with the Berliner Ensemble (Bertolt Brecht, Helene Weigel). Tour Company in West Germany. "Les Pantomimes de Bip" and "Le Manteau" is filmed at the DEFA (R.D.A).

Tour in London, Arts Theatre, recital with Gilles Segal. Sarah Bernhardt Theatre, Creation of "Pierrot de Montmartre" with a troupe of 17 mimes, music by Joseph Kosma, Jacques Noël decorations. Resuming "Manteau", and "Les Pantomimes de Style" and "Bip."

Comedie des Champs-Elysees "Un Soir aux Funambules", "Les Pantomimes de Bip", music by Joseph Kosma, "Les trois Perruques" from Johan Nestroy, music by Edgar Bischoff, Jacques Noël decorations. The Company presents "Le Manteau" in May Florentin, through Italy, West Germany, at the Edinburgh Festival, the World Peace Festival in Bucharest, "Les Pantomimes de Style" and "Les Pantomimes de Bip" are presented with the assistance of Gilles Segal.

Renaissance Theatre: with "Les Pantomimes de Style" and "Bip" recovery of the 3 major mime: "Le Manteau", "Pierrot de Montmartre", "Les trois Perruques". Marcel Marceau turns Pantomimes (Eastman Color), directed by Paul Paviot. Bronze Bear at the Berlin Festival. Tour Company in R. D. A., Mr. Marceau was named a member of the Academy of Arts and Humanities in Berlin.

Marcel Marceau presents "Bip" and "Les Pantomimes de Style" at the Olympia, the star of the second part is Charles Aznavour.
Marcel Marceau turns "Jardin Public", directed by Paul Paviot. Palme d'Or at the festival of Sao Paulo (Brazil). Festival Straford, Ontario: "L'Histoire du Soldat" (Stravinsky-Ramuz) Marcel Marceau plays the devil.
Debut in New York: Phoenix Theater, Ethel BARYMORE (Broadway) and New York City Center Theatre, accompanied by Pierre Verry.
A 6-month tour across the U.S. follows.
Mr. Marceau gets the Oscar for American television, meeting all the great stars of Hollywood and became friends with Roger Gingers, Harpo Marx, Danny Kaye and Charles Laughton. Japan tour where Marcel Marceau is the host of Kabuki and Noh Theater.

Show at the Theatre of the Ambiguous: "La Parade en bleu et noire", "Le loup de Tsu-Ku-Mi", music by Jean Prodomidès, "14 Juillet", music by Jean Wiener, "Le Mont de Piété" music of J. Prodomidès, sets and costumes by Jacques Noël; and "Les Pantomimes de Style" and "Bip".

Tours throughout Europe, North Africa and Latin America.

Second major U.S. tour with Columbia Artists Management, 6 months Verry Pierre and Gilles Segal, TV. Dinah Shore Show with NBC. Back to Theatre with two Ambiguous mime Marcel Marceau: "Le Petit Cirque" music by Jean Prodomidès, "Les Matadors" Music Sebastian Moroto, sets and costumes by Jacques Noël.

Resuming "Le Manteau". Creation of "Paris qui rit Paris qui pleure", mime Marcel Marceau, music by Joseph Kosma, sets and costumes by Jacques Noël. The Company presents the show for 6 months at the Theatre Comique Ambiguous.
Mr. Marceau was ordained Knight of Arts and Letters. Despite the success, the company is dissolved for lack of funding.
Marcel Marceau tour in One Man Show, through Italy, Portugal, Yugoslavia, Israel and Mexico, with 2 speakers, Alexandre Jodorowsky and Pierre Verry.

Tour of India, Mr. Marceau is officially received by Pandit Nehru. The company is specially blended for a tour of 6 months in the USA with "Le Manteau" and "Les Pantomimes de Bip". TV C.B.S. with Red Skelton, Concert in Pantomime. Marcel Marceau plays Pinocchio. Hollywood meets with Jean Renoir.

Karsenty tour with galas in France, touring England, Germany, South America, USSR, Marcel Marceau is celebrated by the Moscow Circus School, where he met the clown Popov. Filmed in Poland, meeting with the troupe of mimes Henryck Tomaszewski.

South Africa, Australia, New Zealand. Shows in London for 6 weeks (Piccadilly Theatre). Marcel Marceau is running for the French TV "Gros Plan", directed and participated in Pierre Cardinal Lane to Star Gilles Margaritis.

USA tour: New York, Washington and Philadelphia, TV with Victor Borge. Back at the Theatre de la Renaissance in Paris, One Man Show (10 months) with the faithful Pierre Verry.

Marcel Marceau recreates a company and, at the Renaissance Theatre presents "Dom Juan" (View the video), Andres mime Marcel Marceau and Laszlo from Tirso de Molina, Jean Prodomidès music, scenery and costumes by Jacques Noel . Despite success, the troupe is again dissolved for lack of funding. Marcel Marceau resumed his One Man Show with Peter Verry and turns throughout the world.

Tour in Scandinavia, Australia, Japan, USSR, Latin America, Switzerland, Italy and West Germany. Tour of several months in the USA and Canada. Two TV C.B.S. with Red Skelton. TV program A.B.C. Fred Astaire, Hollywood. Rotates with the R.K.O. a 60 minute "Meet Marcel Marceau," and France, the "Mime Marceau", director Dominique Delouche, production Huet Jean-Denise Tual.

Third major tour in U.R.S.S. - The program is broadcast on television throughout the Soviet Union - followed by a tour in Scandinavia, Ireland, Netherlands, East Germany, Israel, Lebanon, Switzerland, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Canada. Mr. Marceau was elevated to the rank of Officer of Arts and Letters.

Tour in two months and R.F.A. R.D.A. and one month in Italy. Participation in several of Guy Béart Welcome to French TV. Marcel Marceau performs his show in Tchécoslovasquie, Romania. Meeting with the troupe of mimes Czech Fialka, a draft International Mime Festival in Prague.
In Paris, the Danish television turns the "Monde visuel de Marcel Marceau" in color, achieving Annett Wolf, with the participation of Mary Landes, Pierre Byland, Pierre Verry and Elzbieta Jaroscewiz.
"Les Pantomimes de Style and Bip presented at the Edinburgh Festival and Mexico. Interview with Luis Bunuel, Amalia Hernandez and the Folkloric Ballet of Mexico. Then Marcel Marceau turns to Rome "Barbarella" with Jane Fonda, directed by Roger Vadim. Back in Paris, he met Charlie Chaplin, at Orly, he will never forget. Back at the Theatre des Champs-Elysees: One Man Show (4 weeks). 2-month tour in London.

Tour the U.S.A. in R.D.A. in U.R.S.S. and Hungary - where the president attended the show Kadar - Iceland, Denmark and Sweden, where he met the German choreographer Kurt Joos (La table verte), Finland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium and Africa South.
Back in France, theater season in the houses of Culture. Filming in Italy from the movie "Une Fable" for Columbia, and in Hollywood in the show Laugh-In, for which he received for the second time the Oscar for television.

Opening in Prague of the 2nd World Festival of Pantomime. On this occasion, he received the Gold Medal of the Czechoslovak Republic for his contribution to cultural relations between the two countries. Inauguration of the statue erected in honor of Deburau born in Kolin (Czechoslovakia). New tour in Germany, Austria, Italy and South America (Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Peru, Colombia). In Chile, he found the poet Pablo Neruda.
In October, the month at the Theatre de la Musique. Opening of the International School of Mime Marcel Marceau, unsubsidized. Pierre Verry directs.

U.S.A. new tour. He plays his One Man Show for 6 weeks in New York City Center, then to Canada at the Festival in Osaka and Hong Kong.
Tour in the South-East Asia: Vietnam, Philippines, Hanoi, Singapore, Indonesia, Ceylon, Malaysia, Thailand, Pakistan. Tour in Europe Cyprus, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany.
Mr. Marceau was named Chevalier de la Legion d'Honneur for cultural affairs under. 2nd year of the School.

At the request of Rolf Lieberman, creation and performance of "Candide" with the Ballet of the Hamburg Opera: Director: Mr. Marceau; booklet: Claude Rostand; Music: Marius Constant; decorations: Bernard Daydé. Filmed in Israel, Italy, Germany, Austria, France, South America, the USA and Canada.
In Paris, Alain Leroy issue, "Bip sur la 2". In New York, Marcel Marceau is shooting a 26-minute film: "First Class" where he played 26 characters. Directed by: Chester Fox and Marcel Marceau.

Following the U.S. tour (Doctor of Humanities College Linfield), Spain (Gold Medal for Theatre), Paris (City Theatre), Switzerland, Norway (Bergen Festival), England ( Festival Nottingham, Liverpool, great season in London at Sadler's Wells Theatre and Piccadilly).
In Paris, back at the Theatre des Champs-Elysees (5 weeks). Tour in France and R.D.A. Honored Member of the Academy of Arts in Munich (FRG).

The North American tour continues (4 weeks in New York City Center tour at universities, three weeks in Los Angeles, Chicago, Canada).
Filming in Hollywood film W. Castle, Shanks (Paramount) (film), 5th tour in the USSR. Movie "Christmas Carol", after Charles Dickens, the BBC London, sets and costumes by Jacques Noel, director Tristram Powell.
Mr. Marceau was elevated to the rank of Commander of Arts and Letters.

New 5-month tour in the USA, Morocco, Germany, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and France.

Another round of 6 months to U.S.A.. Tour de France with Trestles. Presented his show in the courtyard of the Palais des Papes in Avignon Festival.
Season four weeks at Sadler's Wells in London. Guest of honor at the Grand Exchequer, Jacques Chancel. Season six weeks at the Theatre des Champs-Elysees. Then tour to Brussels and R.F.A..

Back to the U.S.A. 6 months.
In Hollywood, Marcel Marceau turns "Silent Movie" by Mel Brooks. Touring Switzerland, Italy and France.

Great tour in East Germany, Switzerland, Australia and the United States, President Carter and his family attend the show in Washington.

5-month tour in major U.S. universities. Season at Dublin, Norwich and at Sadler's Wells Theatre in London for 5 weeks. One month tour through Japan and South Korea, Iran, Switzerland.
Back at the Theatre de la Porte Saint-Martin for 6 months. Opening November 15, under the auspices of the Mayor of Paris Jacques Chirac and the city council of the International School of Mimodrama Marcel Marceau, funded by the City. Mr. Marceau was promoted to officer in the Order of Merit. He received the Medal of the City of Vermilion Paris. Pierre Verry withdraws Theatre and Company after 26 years of faithful cooperation.

New tour across North America, big tour in France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Tours in USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg.

Tour of the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, Germany, Italy, Spain. Mr. Marceau was named Doctor Honoris Causa from the University of Princeton.

Tours in USA, Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium. Tour in France with the Trestles of France. For the first time, Mr. Marceau, officially invited by the People's Republic of China, giving performances in Beijing and other major cities of China under the Sino-French cultural exchanges, under the aegis of the French Association of 'Action Artistique.
Seminar in Montepulciano (Siena) Italy. Great season five weeks at the Theatre des Champs-Elysees in Paris. The President of the Republic, François Mitterrand, and the Minister of Culture, Jack Lang, watching the spectacle.

Tour in Germany where he received the Cross of Merit for cultural reasons.
USA tour, including six weeks of performances on Broadway. Marcel Marceau played in Venezuela for the bicentennial of the liberation of Latin America. With 2 students at his school, he went to New Zealand and Japan. Season six weeks in England, including two weeks in Manchester and one month in London at the Old Vic Theater.
2nd year of the seminar was to Montepulciano. 1st year of the Summer Seminar in Ann Arbor, Michigan (U. SA).

USA tour, the School of Paris Mimodrama just visiting Chicago for three weeks, the One-Man Show is presented for a month in San Francisco and a week in Los Angeles. Third year of seminar in Montepulciano. Ville de Paris. Anne Sicco, a disciple of Marcel Marceau, colllabore seminar with him and goes with his band - The Theater of the Sphere - the mime "La Mémoire des femmes" which she is the author and director. Marcel Marceau performs his show of ""Pantomimes de Style and Bip".
2nd year of summer seminar in Ann Arbor.

Marcel Marceau performs his show in France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal and USA. 3rd year of the Summer Seminar in Ann Arbor where he was named Doctor Honoris Causa from the university.
4th year of the summer seminar where Marcel Marceau Montepulciano is staged for the first time: with the troupe of the Theatre of the sphere, he plays the main role of mime "Abymes," written and directed by Anne Sicco. Big tour in the USSR, suddenly interrupted by a serious accident health.

Restored, Marcel Marceau resumed his tours: France with Trestles France, Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Germany. Marcel Marceau was promoted to officer of the Legion of Honour by President François Mitterrand.
4th year seminar in Ann Arbor. Opens with his disciple Anne Sicco the training center she created Juillac (Lot), The Eye of Silence where she has spoken drama and mime then played internationally. Mr. Marceau has been invited to give courses in mime.

24th U.S. tour with Columbia Artists Management. 5th year of the seminar in Ann Arbor.
Tours in Italy and Latin America (2 ½ months): Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia and Mexico, with 45 performances under the auspices of the French Association for Artistic Action.
In Mexico, the president attended the show. Mr. Marceau received the Gold Medal in Mexico City.
Publication of "Pimporello" written and illustrated by Marcel Marceau Belfond editions. Back at the Theatre des Champs Elysees, for 5 weeks with 3 assistants out of his mimes School: Jean-Luc Galmiche, Scott Malcolm and Bogdan Nowak.

Tour the U.S.A., Canada, Spain. Grade 6 Summer Seminar in Ann Arbor.
London season at Sadler's Wells Theater. Meeting with Michael Jackson who attends the show. R.F.A. tour.

Around the World: Tour the USA, Canada, Holland, Japan, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, India (for the bicentennial of the French Revolution, a score performances in Delhi, Calcutta, Bangalore, Mumbai, Ahmedabad and an encounter with the great Indian filmmaker Satyajit Ray), Philippines, Thailand, Brunei, Malaysia, United Kingdom, Spain, Italy.

Tours in Belgium, France and Switzerland with Karsenty-Herbert, Malta, East Germany, Holland, Greece, 4 weeks in London at Sadler's Wells Theater.
Back to Paris where Marcel Marceau lej company gives 100 performances at the Theatre du Gymnase Marie Bell, from September 25 to December 30, with Blanca Del Barrio, Jean-Luc Galmiche, Scott Malcolm, Bogdan Nowak and Fosco Perintis. Mr. Marceau received the Molière d'Honneur.

Also impeded by the Gulf War, the company dispersed.
Marcel Marceau resumed his tours through Europe and Latin America.
Mr. Marceau was elected to the Institut de France, the Academy of Fine Arts, then he was promoted to Commander of the Order of Merit by Jack Lang, Minister of Culture. It was President Francois Mitterrand, who presented him with the insignia of his award. In December, Marcel Marceau presents his One Man Show a week in Rome at the Teatro Olimpico.

Tour in the reunified Germany, Italy, Spain, Mexico, 27th U.S. tour organized by Columbia Artists Management Inc..
Directed by Alain Dhenaut a film portrait "Marcel Marceau ou le poids de l'âme" for television (scenario Marcel Marceau and Jean-Pierre Burgaud, co Anabasis).

Tours in France, Italy, Germany, Ecuador for the first time in Greece for a third tour. Realization of a 90 mm film, "Marcel Marceau en scène" (Alain Dhenaut, co Anabasis, Polygram distribution).
Third course in the USA in Ohio to the Foundation for Gregg Goldston Mime. August: mime internship for students in the School of Kabuki National Theatre of Japan, followed by an internship for students in the School of International Mimodrama Paris Marcel Marceau School of Kabuki of Tokyo. This cultural exchange was sponsored by the Paris mayor and the governor of Tokyo.
September: Renaissance Society of New Mimodrama through the grant from the Ministry of Culture: with 9 young professional mimes, all from his school, Marcel Marceau resumed in a new production, "Le Manteau", created in 1951.
This new show is performed at the Espace Pierre Cardin for 30 performances from November 12 to December 18.
The first part of the show includes "Pantomimes de Style", "Pygmalion", with Blanca Del Barrio, and "Les Pantomimes de Bip".
October: Exhibition at Romorantin, with the participation of Valentine Zeil sculptor, graphic works of Marcel Marceau lithographs: "Le Troisième œil", "La Ballade de Paris et du Monde", prints and pencils - then presented at the Espace Cardin.
October 27, Mr. Marceau facility under the dome of the Institute, the chair of Germain Bazin.

Representations of the "Manteau" in Spain and Mimos Festival in Périgueux. Tour "Pantomimes de Style and Bip" in Mexico, Puerto Rico, France, Italy, 10th major tour in Japan, Korea and Hong Kong.

Tour "Pantomimes" in Poland, France, Argentina, Benelux, Israel. Tour "Manteau" in the USA, Spain, Italy, Germany, the London festival, Bergen. Seminars in the USA, Japan, Rome, Luxembourg. Tokyo exhibition of paintings and drawings.

U.S. Tour, 11th major tour in Japan where "Le Manteau" is presented in Tokyo, Korea, Singapore, Venezuela, Peru, Uruguay, Belgium, Germany, Italy and France. Second seminar in Oguni, Japan. Mr. Marceau was awarded the Order of Francisco de Miranda by the President of the Republic of Venezuela.

"Le Mime Marcel Marceau, Entretiens et regards avec Valérie Bochenek" - Ed Somogy. Tours around the world for 50 years of "Bip": France, U. SA, Europe, Argentina, Brazil, Paris. Oguni third seminar in Japan. Creating a New Company with mime: "Le Chapeau Melon" (photos). 4 shows exceptional Prinzregenten Theater in Munich. In Paris, 30 performances at Espace Pierre Cardin.

Tour "Pantomimes" in Canada and the USA, in Europe at the festival of Passau (Germany), Belgium and France. Great tour of Latin America: Chile, Peru, Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo, Venezuela. Then tour in Asia: Taiwan and 12th tour of Japan. Tour "Chapeau Melon" in London, Taipei and Tokyo. Marcel Marceau was named Doctor Honoris Causa from the University Columbus (Ohio).

Pantomimes tour in France, Belgium, Switzerland, USA, Santo Domingo, Venezuela, Chile, Hong Kong, Philippines, Japan, Mexico.
Tour two weeks in New York at Danny Kaye Playhouse and 6 weeks in San Francisco at Theatre On The Square. Two performances at the Hollywood Bowl (35 000 viewers). Tour "Chapeau Melon" in France, Santo Domingo, Venezuela. Internships in the USA in New York and Ann Arbor (Mi).

Pantomimes USA tour including three weeks in Washington at Ford's Theater, 5 weeks in Boston at the American Repertory Theater and two weeks in New York at Danny Kaye Playhouse.
In Washington Mr. Marceau is received at the White House by President Bill Clinton. Great tour of Latin America: Chile, Argentina, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Mexico.
In September, Marcel Marceau at the Olympia in Paris. Tour "Chapeau Melon" in New York at Danny Kaye Playhouse.
4-week internship in Boston and New York. Marcel Marceau gets "L'Arlecchino d'Oro" in Mantua.

Tour "Pantomimes" in Europe: Dublin, Valladolid, Kiev and Berlin, 2 large U.S. tours in Spring and Autumn. One month tour in Australia and New Zealand.
Tour "Chapeau Melon" in Berlin. Courses two weeks in Ann Arbor (Mi) and one week in Columbus (OH).
Mr. Marceau is designated by the United Nations Goodwill Ambassador for the "Second World Assembly on Ageing 2002" Doctor Honoris Gausa and named the University of Hawaii.

Back at the Congress for 7 performances, production Gerard Louvin. Back in Madrid in the spring with a tour of 2 weeks and Apollo Theatre Nuevo tour in Los Angeles Geffen Playhouse in 5 weeks. Tours in Mexico in October-November.

"Les Contes Fantastiques" at the Theatre Antoine in Paris from January 14 to 25, in Carcassonne, at the Imperial Theatre of Compiegne, 2-month tour in the U.S. and Asia, and Europe.