About me

Peter Roberts, Scot by blood law and cultural heritage was born in 1952.
In 1975 he settled down in San Sebastian where ha began working as a teacher of English. He was greatly drawn to the theatre, but ran up against the logical handicap of language when it came to practising his art. This forced him to exaggerate his bodily expression in order to make himself understood.

He started his own company in 1979 with the idea of investigating the possibilities of non verval communication.
Over the years, his very extensive activity has allowed him to combine interpretation with training and teaching.

In 1983 he published his book, MIME, The Art of Silence, which continues to bear fruit as the use of mime grows in the field of teaching.
He has also been directing the Mime Studio for several years now and has given courses organized by: British Council, Ministry of Education, The Government of the Basque Autonomus Community, Universities and other public institutions for actors, teachers, students and alll those who share his love for mime and illusion.

He recently restarted his artistic activity after suffering a “lapsus” as a consequence of a traffic accident. During the long period of rehabilitation he devised the project “Getting Straight Through”.

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